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2020 국제초대전 개최 안내

최종 수정일: 2023년 8월 1일

2020 KICA Invited International Exhibition New Cultural Space for the “New Normal” after COVID-19 1. Organizer & Sponsor Organized by KICA_The Korean Institute of Culture Architecture Sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism

2. 2020 Exhibition Objectives New Cultural Space for the “New Normal” after COVID-19 Our rich daily life has changed rapidly and dramatically by COVID-19 pandemic. Our past selective lifestyle that valued cultural diversity and preference has changed into a limited and unavoidable lifestyle that requires safety measures such as non-contact, non-face to face, social distance, and voluntary isolation etc. The transition to a new lifestyle that has never been experienced before is precipitating an economic crisis and demanding another New Normal. The new lifestyle of New Normal demands a healthier, more beautiful, and eco-friendly, furthermore creative way of life. KICA International Invitation Exhibition 2020 invites creative works which reinterpret social value and role of the new cultural space needed in the post-Corona Virus New Normal and expand the reinterpretations. We anticipate diverse works for future directions of new cultural space in New Normal.

3. 2020 Exhibition Brief

• Participating countries : 7 countries and more • Exhibition Theme: Diversity & Inclusion • Categories: - There are no restrictions on the scale or function of the space, whether it is an interior or exterior space, or whether its context is manmade or natural. All works that embrace cultural activities are eligible for the submission. - Submission panel size of each work is 50cm in width and 50cm in height, and its contents and format are free. - Visual materials such as sketches, photographs, posters, and diagrams that contain content related to cultural space are also eligible. • Eligibility - Open to all designers, architects and planners worldwide

4. Exhibition Schedule & Location • Date: 202020. 11. . 11. 1313 (Friday) (Friday) ~ 11. ~ 11. 1188 ((Wednesday) (For ) (For 66 Days)Days) • Location: Lobby of International Conference Hall at the National Library of Korea in Seoul

5. Submission Deadline • 17:00 KST, Monday, October 26, 2020

6. Submission Guideline 1) Requirement ① Entry Form: Attached file (entry_form.doc) ② Self portrait image: Size[20㎜(W)×25㎜(H)], Resolution 300dpi, Jpg file. (File name: participant’s name+photo.jpg i.e.) johndoephoto.jpg ) ③ Project Image: Size[500㎜(W)×500㎜(H)] (1 page including English title and texts), Resolution 300dpi, jpg file. (File name: participant’s name+project.jpg i.e.) johndoeproject.jpg ) 2) Submission Methods Web Server (, ID: kicaspace, PW: 8241) - Download entry form from ‘Download only’ folder. - Create a new folder with applicant’s name in ‘Upload only’ folder. - Upload entry form, self portrait image, and project image files. 3) Deadline for submission 2020.10.26(Monday) 5PM(UTC+09) 4) Submission Fee Not required for participants from foreign countries. 5) Exhibition & Publication ① Organizer will print and exhibit participants’ work, and publish exhibition catalog. ② Participants will receive 2 copies of exhibition catalogs by mail. ■ Any questions? Please send your inquiry to the International Exhibition Preparatory Committee of KICA: Tel: +82-2-745-8241 Fax: +82-2-745-8242 Email:

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