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SDAK hosted an academic symposium with the main theme of ‘The Value of Libraries and Spaces’

The Korea Federation of Spatial Design Societies held the Autumn Academic Symposium on November 8th at the Uijeongbu Art Library under the grand theme of 'The Value of Libraries and Spaces' for the development of Korean spatial design and the creation of new spaces in the future. At the symposium, Hyunah Kim, CEO of I& Architects, talked about rebirth as a visible space that connects generations, Seonghyuk Bae, an adjunct professor at Semyung University, talked about the open plan of a library, what and how to make it a space, Youngae Park, Uijeongbu Art Library Opening Preparation Team Leader held a lecture on the theme of putting value in library space, providing an opportunity to explore the direction of library architecture and design.

This academic symposium was prepared to share the advantages and characteristics of the space design professional field from the perspective of the Korea Federation of Spatial Design Societies and to lead academic discourse that views consiliently.

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