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Information on holding the 2020 Theme Contest

■ Theme Contest Overview

1. Host and Organizer: Korea Indoor Design Association

2. Purpose of the 2020 Korea Indoor Design Association Theme Contest

It has been 20 years since the establishment of the Korean Interior Design Association since the department related to interior design began to be opened in Korea.

In the meantime, our society has established its status in the field of interior design through academic research and educational practice on interior design

And I've been working hard for development. However, in a rapidly changing technology and society environment, we face the challenge of presenting a vision for the future while seeking diverse needs for the future space.

(G)The Korea Indoor Design Association has long held online competitions and invited outstanding graduation works

We've been encouraging student work. However, recent overseas trends are based on diversified topics, methodologies, and future keywords

The exhibition is held by numerous social actors to produce indicators of various eras on its own

You can check it out. Therefore, this conference broke away from the existing competition method from 2009 and changed the future environment

We've been holding contests to select timely topics for your needs.

In 2019, by holding a theme contest, we will actively discover creative new designers and create a vision for the future space

I'd like to present it. We look forward to the active participation and guidance of the members of the society, and through the competition, we will have an indoor design

Let's hope that the area can be redefined and serious exploration can take place.

3. the theme of the contest

"Light, Tell a Story to Space"

It is no exaggeration to say that the purest intention of space lies in light.

As far as it is known, it has been like this since the cave, which can be said to be the space of the beginning of human life. The start is to take the body out of the harsh environment

It was a refuge for protection, but it was able to settle down by drawing in what could be called light,

Perhaps that's when the spatial concept began.

A lot of time has passed and it's today, but the act of dividing and drawing light into the space for protection is not something that can be done

remain in effectively.

Space always accepts light, revealing its shape, creating color and texture, while also creating a density of darkness.

As mentioned earlier, the purest intention of space lies in the utilization of light.

Light is a language and a question in the space that each person envisions. In other words, light in space is a relationship

It's a question, a function, a form.

Moreover, the development of lighting technology is a revolutionary event for space.

This change in light technology extends not only to analog methods but also to image and artificial intelligence as digital control solutions

Beyond the rational communication of information that humans can perceive, to the function of healing, the various problems facing modern society

New proposals have been made possible to approach emotionally.

Indeed, we are living in a space of light. Or maybe it hasn't even started in earnest yet.

Various community spaces, art galleries, schools, religious spaces, hotels, houses, and other places that have different functions

There are many ways to deal with it, and depending on the harmony of natural and artificial light, the appearance of day and night will also be drawn differently.

Light can cause us to experience ambiguity in the spatial images that are given to us, but at the same time, beyond simplicity and clarity

It will be the purest element that can capture beauty.

How the elements of light produced by nature and man-made objects define the various functions of space

I look forward to various possibilities with serious concerns.

4. Points to Note for Entry

※ Specific suggestions for interior design elements must be included when submitting.

5. presentation and judges

. The topic presentation was presented by Baek Jong-hwan, CEO of WGNB, and this year, the chairman of the judging committee will be conducted by one person in Korea.

Jonghwan Baek / Representative of WGNB




– ICONIC AWARDS "2018 Studio of the Year" Award _ German Design Association

– – Red Dot Award 2014 winner

6. Exhibition and OpenCritic

Date: November 7, 2020 (Sat)

Location: Online Critic

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