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A place for novel architectural discourse on ‘space design planning’ proposed by SDAK

Space design exhibition in a wonderful world”

The 11th regular general meeting of the Korea Federation of Spatial Design Societies and the SDAK space design exhibition 'Planning of Space' creatively presented a new spatial language combined with the imagination of five architects.

The Spatial Design Exhibition, hosted by the Korea Federation of Spatial Design Societies and conducted by the SDAK Exhibition Preparation Committee, was held from February 22nd to March 3rd in the exhibition room on the 1st floor of Egan House.

For the Space Design Exhibition, which celebrated its 19th anniversary this year, architects who show unique architectural language such as Choi Wook, Kwak Hee-soo, Kook Hyung-geol, Han Eun-joo, and Kim Chan-joong were invited as artists to present in-depth exhibitions and serious architectural discourses.< /p>

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