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2020 Korea Spatial Design Association Autumn Conference & Academic Presentation Conference

2020 Korea Spatial Design Association Autumn Conference & Academic Presentation Conference

■ Schedule information

– Temporary: Scheduled on Saturday, October 31, 2020 (Saturday

(It is possible to change the timing of the event depending on the situation of COVID-19)

– Subject: "culture and art and space"

The role of space in various Korean Wave culture and arts such as movies, art, music, theater, and performance culture, and convergence, etc

It is intended to redefine the role and scalability of cultural spaces through research presentations.

(Exhibition Art Culture and Space/Performance Art Culture and Space/ Convergence Art Culture and Space)

– Reception deadline: October 20, 2020 (Tue) by 24:00

■ Reception method

– Application for conference website ( )

Download the form of the academic presentation and upload it to the website

(Submitted with similarity test certificate) - less than 10 per cent.

Fill in the correct order of main author, correspondent author, and co-author.

– Participation fee for the conference: 50,000 won

■ How to proceed

– The contributor to the thesis presentation of the academic conference shall fill out the thesis form of the academic conference in 4p and submit it within the deadline.

– The academic conference presentation paper is selected online with a fair and close examination of three people.

– The presentation paper is uploaded to the website of the society to replace the existing 'punctuation presentation' and 'poster presentation'.

– The presentation paper will be published as a proceedings book after an online academic conference.

– The participation fee for the conference shall be 50,000 won. (Of the total expenses, such as three-person panel examination fees, procedural books, publication and delivery, and website posting, expenses exceeding the participant's payment will be supported by the association.)

– In the form of invitation to keynote lectures, the contents of the lecture are posted on the website of the society and presented through a procedure book.

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