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2019 SDAK Space's top 5 architects

It is said that much of the scientific rationality stems from aesthetic imagination.

It is also the power of imagination to draw lines of cause and effect between observed elements and create maps in unknown territory.

We enjoy art on the subway and performances at the baseball field.

Watch runways in shopping malls, visit artists living and working in repurposed factories.

Haven't you seen Airbnb, which transcends the 100-year-old Hilton Hotel as a company that rents empty houses to others without owning one?

Spatial taxonomies such as museums, libraries, houses, factories, schools, and department stores are no longer meaningful.

On the contrary, a space with a new meaning combined with imagination is drawing greater sympathy.

I hope you will pay attention to the magical space planning as a link between the old world and the new world.

Through this exhibition,

Chairman Lim Chae-jin of the Korea Federation of Spatial Design Societies

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